NOVSOM® is NovTech’s branded line of System on Module (SoM). Designers can accelerate their time to market by using a readily available bootable SOM and focus their efforts on product differentiation through peripheral customization. The NOVSOM® includes the SoC chip, DDR, Boot Solution and clocks. It routes all SoC signals to the Board to Board (B2B) connectors. The NOVSOM® retains all SoC functions, options and power rail flexibility.


NOVPEK™ is NovTech’s branded line of Platform Evaluation Kit (PEK). While allowing the evaluate, verify and test the NOVSOM®, the NOVPEK™ provides some unique futures that makes it a development systems that designers should have on their bench. From monitoring each power rail of the SoC to controlling IO Bank voltages, from easy access to all IOMUX/BNAK lines to implementation of each dedicated processor function on the PEK.


NOVPED™ is NovTech branded line of Platform Evaluation Demo (PED). Not like the NOVPEK™ the designer doesn’t have direct access to IO lines but rather to implemented peripherals with their associates PHYs, Transceivers, CODECs, sensors and other companion chips. The NOVPED™ allow quick access to some major features of the SoC.


NovTech approach for SoM is to maintain the SoC flexibility, it is done by providing the SoM Board to Board (B2B) connectors with connectivity all SoC IO and power signals. An imported feature of the SoC IO banks/groups is the support for different voltages levels. When a PMIC is included with a SoM, the connection to power rails is done on the SoM and it force a voltage level for each bank/IO group, the NOVSOM® concept is that the PMIC is placed on the base board and that allows the designer to assign any valid voltage level to any IO bank/group.